SERIES B: ADVANCING Product Thinking

3.5 hours. 650 EURO per group.
3.5 hours. 650 EURO per group.

This joint workshop teaches how to enrich your product discovery sessions by engaging stakeholders, customers, subject-matter experts into key discussions on business impact, product fit and validated learning with Impact Mapping and User Story Mapping. As a result of applying these tools your discovery, feature ideation and release planning sessions will become more engaging, insightful and also bound to the reality.


We will touch on the following aspects of product thinking:

  1. Deriving product vision and roadmaps based on high-level measurable business goals.
  2. Tips and tricks on facilitating Impact Mapping sessions with stakeholders, management, customers and product teams.
  3. Using multi-dimensional Product Backlogs as a thinking tool for focused feature ideation.
  4. Common pitfalls and gotchas of creating your User Story Maps.
  5. Integrating User Story Mapping into Product Backlog Refinement and Delivery processes in Scrum and Kanban.
  6. Tips and tricks on facilitating user story mapping sessions with stakeholders and product teams.