CSPO is a two-day highly interactive official certification class. It is designed specifically for Product Owners, Product Managers and Business Analysts engaged in Agile product development.

We are offering Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) classes in many locations, including:

  • Riga
  • Vilnius
  • Hamburg
  • Berlin
  • Kiev
  • Minsk
  • other cities 

Check out the list of planned certification classes and locations.

The training objectives are focused around common product management challenges of different company types: from in-house product development to project-oriented outsourcing-like companies. It helps enable lean product thinking in classical product management cultures by offering modern thinking tools and proven methods.


The class is designed to help Product Owners improve their fit and influence throughout the Agile organization to maximize business value and team satisfaction. Hence, it covers all dimensions of “what it takes to be a brilliant Product Owner”: from Stakeholder and Value Management, to mastering the Product Lifecycle and Craftsmanship.

The class is made to be highly skill-oriented. During the class a number of modern agile and UX product management tools are taught to drive collaborative product discovery and development:

  • Visioning tools for building shared understanding among the stakeholders
    (Impact Mapping, User Story Mapping)
  • Tools for elaborating and communicating the strategy
    (Vision Boards, Agile Product Roadmaps)
  • Tactical tools for team and customer collaboration
    (Specification by Example, BDD, User Story Slicing)

The training is taught by a seasoned Agile practitioner - Alexey Krivitsky. Alexey's first Scrum project dated 2003. For the last 12 years Alexey has been active in the world-wide Agile community in the roles of speaker, trainer, conference producer, community builder. His invention lego4scrum is used by many trainers worldwide. For the last several years Alexey had been engaged as an Agile Coach in the largest German social network company, coaching Scrum teams, Product Owners and helping improve the overall organization.

What participants say about the training:


The training was a perfect mix of theory and practice. Clear guidelines on good Product Ownership, as well as tooling to work efficiently. And, at least as important - we got creative tips to make things work in the reality of our own company with all its quirks.


Since Alexey has a developer background, he knows the (natural) frictions between PO and developers and how to build a healthy relationship between them. His style of teaching is accurate and visual - all the important stuff will end up somewhere on the wall as part of a descriptive and colourful poster on the training wall, which is great to keep an overview.

Participant of a class in April 2015
Wessel van L., Product Owner