Create more than 200 unique agendas!

"Agile Retrospective Kickstarter"

Poster: Retrospective Cheat-Sheet

The Retrospective Cheat Sheet lets you create numerous (actually more than 200) unique agendas for your retrospectives.


This Cheat Sheet as well as the book is available in multiple languages.

All of the exercises listed in the Cheat Sheet are explained in details in the accompanying book "Agile Retrospective Kickstarter".

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Agile Retrospective Kick-starter

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This mini-book is made to be a very practical pocket-guide for anyone who is learning how to run great team retrospectives by varying agendas based on the team mood, size, proximity and other factors.


In the addition to detailing the most popular 16 retrospective activities of the Retrospective Cheat Sheet, this 50-page book explains in greater details the following essential topics themes:

  • Planning and designing retrospectives
  • Common retrospective pitfalls
  • Helping your team start owning its process
  • Coaching the team to take responsibility for the retrospectives outcomes
  • Getting ideas how to facilitate distributed retrospectives 

It will serve you as a good starting point to craft your retrospective agendas where fun and use are well balanced.

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