Materials on Agile Product Management and Product Ownership

product discovery and lean startup thinking

A great talk by Eric Ries on Lean Startup and intrapreneurship.

Minimum Viable Products

A great article on six different and radical approaches on validating the key hypothesis with early MVP. Examples from well-known businesses.


The Ultimate Guide to Minimum Viable Products


Introduction to google design sprints concept.
This video explores the concept of early product validation during an intense five-day workshop ("design sprint"), starting from wild discovery and ending with a prototype used by a group of invited users.

More on design sprints.

Nordstrom's famous video on rapid app development.


This video tells a story of a several-day cycle of just-in-time discovery and development cycle.

Co-making Great Products - video by Jeff Patton


A great video by the author of the User Story Mapping technique on product discovery.


Several useful templates for capturing key things like a product vision and roadmap plans.


Please note that these are not the tools for creating/ideating - that happens during facilitated face-to-face workshops with stakeholders in front of big visible boards.


So provided you had vital agreements among your stakeholders that are needed to be captured and communicated further - below are the tools that give you well-thought structures.

Backlog Management

A great collection of ideas on splitting product backlog items.

A set of visuals and cheat sheets that help you master the skill of user story splitting that is so vital for real incremental and iterative development.

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