Talk: Organizational Complexity and Its Effects on Scaling Agility

A project manager walks into a bar. The bar is called “organizational design”.


He tries to order beer but can't figure out how. Then disappointed he is about to exit the bar, but can't locate the exit.


Apparently he looks around and notices a lot of other managers around in there. "That’s a trap." - he thinks. "It is a complex system" - echo the others.

This week I spoke at Agile Tour Vilnius 2016 and PM Day Kyiv 2016. In November I'm visiting Lean Kanban France 2016.


This is my third increment of this talk and now I'm happy how it goes: spaghetti, Japanese poetry and complexity seems to be a good combination for any talk.


Below are some photos and selected slides. Down below are a full slide deck. Video is in post-production. Enjoy.


Video From The Talk

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