"Stop Asking 'When?'" A #NoEstimates Talk from 2013 - Still Relevant...

"Two out of five members of a development team are constantly failing to finish their stories. A sprint after a sprint. Which impediment is Scrum making visible?


This is a card from my impediment exercise I ran at a CSM class. The right answers of course are:

  • This is not a team but a group of developers since they don't share work...
  • The team is likely doing proper sprint planning as they are not having a shared sprint backlog...
  • The team does not understand the concept of team work...


Sadly, in 8 out 10 times I hear from my ScrumMaster-candidates the following: "the estimates of the two guys are constantly wrong".


This makes me sad. And hopeless.


And I've just found a talk I did at #agileee2013 on the fallacy of estimates. I think it is still quite relevant as our brain hasn't evolved that much since then.


Estimations are always wrong, that's why we call them estimates in the first place. So of course we can justify almost any project issue to wrong estimates. But it won't change a thing. It is like blaming a weatherman for your poor life choices.



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