Agile Coaching Canvas at Agile2016

dreams come true

I've been dreaming of speaking at the world agile conference since I first attended it in 2009. In those early days event thinking of speaking there sounded incredible and very unrealistic... Almost like a dream.


And it is very surprising that  the topic I've presented at Agile2016 is about dreaming.  The Agile Coaching Canvas is a coaching technique that helps us reconnect to our big dreams. I use it a lot when coaching/mentoring ScrumMasters, agile leaders and when working with agile teams. I use it every time I feel like my clients are disconnected from the vision of their success.


Articulating a dream is a very important step in letting it happen, so in the heart of the Agile Coaching Canvas is a coaching trick that makes us step into the future of your organizations, see and feel it. This is usually a very strong and positive emotional experience that raises motivation. It helps us connects the dots from the present to the dreamed future. And because the future state has already been experienced during a coaching session, it is usually much easier to find ways reaching it. Or at least it is far easier to think of good first steps we can take next Monday to get closer to our big dream.


So here is my dream coming true - some photos from my workshop:

slides and more workshops this year

See me later this year running this workshop later this year at ALE2016 and SGMun.

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