Dejirafication: free your process (now with video)

"You should do more jenkins than jira"

Ron Jeffries.


Below are the slides from a lightning talk I made recently at #agile2016 and #ale16. It describes a problem of relying on jira-like tools for backlog management.


One of my clients recently stopped a jira license and when back to paper. This was so inspiring that I decided to share the story to the world.


Below you find some ideas can you can do this as well.



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    Ralf Kruse (Friday, 29 July 2016 15:29)

    really like this tooling reflection Alex. I think its important on how we can enable effective collaboration. I agree that the way we use tools is too often an impediment to it and we help to to learn on how they can facilitate more effective collaboration. Thanks for sharing it.

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