Agile Coaching Canvas Hits The Road

Agile Coaching Canvas is packing bags, as over the next months I'll be running this interactive workshop on some of the coolest Agile events worldwide:

I've already run this workshops earlier this year at multiple events (Agile Eastern Europe, Agile Coach Camp Denmark, Agile Coach Camp Germany) and it was fun. 


Some key take-aways from the participants in their words:

  • "Now I have found my bigger vision and I know where to drive my organization"
  • "I was surprised how clear is my vision in fact!"
  • "I've been focusing too much on team area and ignoring other important coaching aspects"
  • "I know I need to run this workshop now with my teams to build our shared vision together"


So come see me in Atlanta, Paris and Munich and get familiar with the Agile Coaching Canvas.

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