Why Scrum is silent on Team Leads (and I am not)

Personal development of a leader
Personal development of a leader

Just reread the Scrum Guide.. Still no updates.. Not a word on this subject.

The only occurrences of the root 'lead' found twice are:


"The Scrum Master is a servant- leader for the Scrum Team."

"The Scrum Master ... leading and coaching the organization in its Scrum adoption."


The only reason Scrum Guide isn't mentioning this commonly seen role is probably because it is not relevant to Scrum. I guess this is true...


But still it can be of your high relevancy when it comes to a Scrum adoptions - because this role is most likely present and is a part of the system you're working in. So it can't be ignored.


Today on my CSM class (surprisingly full with Team Leads) I got surrounded by them seeking for the truth. They wanted to know how do I see this role fitting with Scrum organizations?



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