How To Grow Learning Multisite Agile Organizations

"Culture follow Structure" - Larman's law
"Culture follow Structure" - Larman's law
Component teams foster complex organization design
Component teams foster complex organization design

Last weeks I've spoken several times on this subject: in Minsk and Kiev.


This is going to become my main talk of the year.


Basically my message boils down to the following thoughts:


  • there is no agile scaling framework that magically fixes all the issues
  • there are no simple answers


  • the real answers lie in understanding your current org structures
  • as the structure drives behaviours, habits and the culture 


  • so it is a full-time job of any manager to grasp the system dynamics
  • and then adapt the structures to get the positive effect on behaviours, habits and the culture


  • without understanding the system dynamics and the underlying structures that cause it no lasting change is possible.


My slides provide an exaggerated example of how one decision of forming teams (component teams) adds to the complexity of overall organization. Cultures changes of course follow.

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