Agile Coaching Canvas Workshop @AGILEEE

I shall be glad.


My first workshop this year on the Focused Agile Coaching seems was well accepted. 120 minutes of rich coaching dialogs with a 15-minute demo session. Great chance for me to learn and get the long-awaited feedback on the approach I've been developing.

It was not a workshop on practicing coaching skills, no. Some people thought this would be one of my 6 skill-based workshops on ScrumMasters' Essential Skills. No, sorry if I confused you, guys.


This workshop was designed to let you all get introduced to and practice a thinking tool - Agile Coaching Canvas. It is to help yourself and your teams see a bigger picture behind impediments, issues, problems and little incremental improvements.



What is our product as ScrumMasters and Agile coaches?


Surely - the great high-performing teams doing great stuff for the clients, customers, users and choosers. "Awesome people" as Joshua Kerievsky put it on his closing keynote.


Also - the organizations (environment) where these awesomeness can flourish.




We all know and keep repeating that great Product Owners have great vision of success and keep sharing it. The same goes to Agile leaders - we need to have a clear image of the bright future we are leadings our teams and organization to.




Product people have great tooling to work with visioning: different canvases, mappings, models... All sort of things.  


The Agile Coaching Canvas provides a guidance for running structured discussions on

1. the team's current challenges

2. bold image of the future

3. and the journey to be taken.


These are important ingredients of building a shared vision.




A ScrumMaster with no bold vision (I remember myself in these shoes not so long ago) is an overhead person. Sorry to say that. The never-ending buzz of ongoing impediments, routines of ceremony facilitation, stories, tasks, bugs... kicking off a sprints #278.

Really? That's not what Scrum-mastery is about. 


I saw teams that can do all of that themselves. Self-serve and self-manage. They ain't need a Scrum-mom. They need a strong Agile leader to challenge them and help grow. This implies knowing the direction, having a bigger goal and sharing a bold vision.



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