Agile Retrospective Kickstarter is now bundled

Sprint Retrospective is the only Scrum ceremony that has books written about. There is no book on how to run Daily Scrums or Sprint Plannings or Sprint Reviews. Guess why?


Yes, running Sprint Retrospective is the hardest one of all to facilitate and also to participate. Especially when it is done poorly or when the same agenda is repeated over and over again. Last year I've shared my top favourite 16 retrospective exercises as a Retrospective Cheat Sheet that is easy to use and helps to combine those activities in a lot of unique and fun retrospectives.


But now there is more to it.


While the English version of my mini-book has reached 500 readers, the book is now made available in various translations and bundles with other books on agile retrospective for a much better price.



Starving for information on running agile retrospectives? Would eat an elephant? Well, here it is!


This bundle contains all six books on retrospectives that are out there on Leanpub. A great offer. And a great addition to your virtual book shelf. Worth sharing with your teammates and fellow ScrumMasters.

"Agile Retrospective" bundle @Leanpub
"Agile Retrospective" bundle @Leanpub


Since the book of Luis Gonçalves and Ben Linders is also available in several languages, the Agile Retrospective Kickstarter is now available as a two-book bundle in those languages.


This is a specially good deal as these books cover different aspects on preparing and running retrospectives. They go together quite well. And is also cheaper to buy as a bundle.

"Rétrospectives agiles" - a bundle in French
"Rétrospectives agiles" - a bundle in French

"Retrospektywy Agile" - a bundle in Polish.
"Retrospektywy Agile" - a bundle in Polish.

"Agile ретроспективы" - a bundle in Russian
"Agile ретроспективы" - a bundle in Russian

So now you can't say there is lack of information on how to run fun and beneficial retrospectives. So master this art. Your teams will really appreciate this.

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  • #1

    Ben Linders (Tuesday, 22 March 2016 11:37)

    Great that we're teaming up Alexey.

    There's no excuse to do boring retrospectives that don't deliver value. These books will help you to spice up your retrospectives. Your teams will love doing them!

  • #2

    Alexey Krivitsky (Tuesday, 22 March 2016 11:38)

    Yep, good to be on a team :)
    Maybe we should retrospect one day and write the second series.