Celebration-Driven Coaching

What does success mean for an agile coach, a ScrumMaster?

If you have engineering background, you remember those moments when after hours of trying, you suddenly compile and it runs... The next test gets green... The next screen is added to the flow... The next hundred users sign up for your service... Your mum says it looks great...

I find it much harder for us, coaches, find those moments of success. That’s one of the reasons I code in my free time. Coaching is by nature is a derivative of someone’s success. An indirect link to somebody’s happiness and a yee-haw.

So it is our responsibility to ourselves to define our own yee-haws and yoo-hoos.

Spend time on that. Dream that bottle of champaign you’re going to open when your team does X. Find your rituals. Buy yourself that choco-raisin-muffin-icecream-donut-cake with cream on top.

You’re gotta celebrate your wins. Even if no one has recognized them yet. That’s their problem.


Picture from http://www.theguardian.com/
Picture from http://www.theguardian.com/

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