Scaling Mobile @ XING

Author: Alexey Krivitsky

At XING [the German largest social network company] we've been having quite an exciting challenge.

Learning how to scale mobile development in a way so that as many teams as needed could contribute to development of mobile apps (on both iOS and Android platforms) and at the same time keep the apps consistent, stable and shiny... That’s not a thing you can do by a book (is there actually a book on this subject?).

So we had to come up with our way of solving the complex matter.

This paper is envisioned as a quick-read guide of our last years’ journey. It summarizes all key decisions and structural changes we made in order to enable the scale on mobile from 2 to 10 teams.

If your company’s next challenge is to take mobile development to the next level, you might find some of the ideas listed below worth trying.

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