Multi-Team Sprint Reviews Done Right: Science Fair, Beer Fest or X-Mas Market?

Author: Alexey Krivitsky

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Today our sprint review was different. It didn’t look like any meeting at all. If you would enter the team areas you wouldn’t see anything drastically different to our normal working mode: people are talking in small groups, several people are discussing something by looking at their mobile phones, several others are leaning over tables and looking onto screens. Nothing like a meeting.

But two weeks ago and also every two weeks for the last year or so, this event looked pretty much different. We all would sit in one of our large meeting rooms with 40-50 people attending. One person would speak on a stage for about 7 minutes and others would watch the presentation. Then someone maybe ask one or two questions. Then people would applause and switch to the next presenter.

This was our “standard” way we used to run joint sprint reviews for the 3 teams in our XING mobile cluster. Then since our review was well attended, we invited several other teams to join. In the end we began to have one of the biggest sprint reviews at XING. Huge success! Really?

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    Agnius (Monday, 09 November 2015 06:34)

    Any idea how to do it in distributed teams?

  • #2

    Alexey Krivitsky (Thursday, 19 November 2015 18:11)

    Hi Agnius,

    Well, in a multi-site environment that's slightly more difficult to organize. But surely possible.

    - having set of local sprint review bazaars at each location
    - having all presentations run in a centralized manner via screensharing+web conf tools
    - have a mixture of local/remote presentations at each location

    In a classical outsourcing constellation, when all dev teams are at one location and product management is on the other, I'd use the centralized format with all teams presenting via screensharing+web conf tools one by one. That's something to start with.

    This would nicely work for good handful of team of up to 7-8 teams per a product.