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"Growing Agile Leaders - Leading Agile Growth"

This is an official ScrumAlliance two-day intensive certification class specially designed for ScrumMasters, Team Leads and Project Managers working with Agile teams.

The class prepares you for fulfilling a role of a ScrumMaster for one or several teams in a company of any size, type and agile maturity.


The class is designed to help ScrumMasters and team-level Agile Coaches maximize their influence on the Agile organization in order to maximize value delivery, organization agility and team satisfaction. Hence, it covers all dimensions of “what it takes to be a great ScrumMaster” - from individual to team coaching, from meeting facilitation to driving continuous process improvements.


"The Product Owner's Workout"

CSPO is a two-day highly interactive official certification class. It is designed specifically for Product Owners, Product Managers and Business Analysts engaged in Agile product development.

The training objectives are focused around common product management challenges of different company types: from in-house product development to project-oriented outsourcing-like companies. It helps enable lean product thinking in classical product management cultures by offering modern thinking tools and proven methods.


The class is designed to help Product Owners improve their fit and influence throughout the Agile organization to maximize business value and team satisfaction. Hence, it covers all dimensions of “what it takes to be a brilliant Product Owner”: from Stakeholder and Value Management, to mastering the Product Lifecycle and Craftsmanship.

Essential ScrumMaster's skills

Advanced Education

This two-day advanced class targets practicing ScrumMasters and Agile coach who are looking for way to extend and deepen their toolset.


The training covers four key areas:

1: The Art of Facilitation

2: Leading Change with Retrospectives

3: Developing and Deepening Coaching Skills

4: Getting More Value from Scrum Ceremonies

Interested in Skill-Oriented Trainings?

Consider our Hangout Workshops - modular education for ScrumMasters and Agile Project Managers.